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There has long been anecdotal evidence that hot summer days and nights lead to an increase in crime in New Jersey and around the country. Now, statistical data shows this is the case. Crime rates reach the lowest points during the winter and then increase and spike during the period from July to September. It has taken some time for researchers and law enforcement to explain exactly why crime increases in the summer. There is no general consensus and there might actually be several reasons for the increase.

Some have suggested that there is a biological reason for increased crime rates in the summer. The body releases certain hormones to regulate biological functions. This includes regulating heat through sweating and other mechanisms. Hot summer days in New Jersey result in an increase in the amount of adrenaline released by the brain. Adrenaline triggers a number of reactions including increased awareness and sensitivity to danger. It is possible that this increase in adrenaline causes people to take more risks and to react more aggressively when confronted with even minor annoyances.

A potential social cause for the increase in crime in the summer is the presence of more people on the street. Summer is when many adults take vacations, when children are not in school all day and when people travel to New Jersey to visit friends or see local attractions. All of this means that areas could become more populated. The increased presence makes the possibility of crime more likely. Additionally, teenagers and other individuals who have nothing to do all day are more likely to get involved in acts that result in property damage or vandalism.

Anyone living in New Jersey will want to take a few steps to protect the home and the family from the increased amount of crime in the summer. One good step is to contact New Jersey security companies to install an alarm system. An alarm from a company like Honeywell will keep the house protected from potential break-ins even if the family is out at the beach or shopping. It could minimize property damage when attached to outdoor lights that are activated by motion. Outdoor lights will deter criminals or bored people in the neighborhood from approaching the house.

Another way to prevent crime in the summer is to make sure all doors and windows remained locked, especially at night. Warm summer nights allow criminals to spend long hours outside exploring neighborhoods and breaking quietly into homes. Locking doors and windows will make getting into the house difficult. It also helps to have decals on the doors and windows from New Jersey security companies. A decal showing the presence of a Honeywell security system can stop a criminal from even attempting to get into the house.

Families with children will want to help keep kids out of trouble that could be caused by strangers or other people in the neighborhood. It is best to engage children in structured activities during the summer that take place under adult supervision. This might mean hosting friends in the house while an adult is home. It might also mean taking kids to community centers for day camps or fun classes. This will keep children out of trouble while also providing protection from crime during the day.

One final way to help prevent crime or vandalism during the hottest summer months in New Jersey is to avoid conflict and confrontations. The heat can make a person more sensitive to a simple complaint or disagreement. This can turn into vandalism or crime later as temperatures rise. The best policy is to treat everyone kindly and with respect. Serious disputes should be handled by law enforcement.

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