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All homes need to be protected with some type of security system and there are many modern features today that go far beyond the simple proximity alarms and old surveillance cameras that used to deposit footage on grainy VHS cassettes. Today’s advanced security alarms may feature extensive surveillance opportunities and complete coverage and protection of the home. One feature that may be of particular use is a set of glass break sensors.

Glass Break Sensors Offer Needed Protection

These helpful devices ensure if a thief breaks a window to get into the home, the security system will sound the alarm. Glass break sensors tend to be valuable because they reduce the chance that a burglar will get past a security system. Many standard security systems activate when a door or window is opened. The system might not alert owners of a burglary if the thief breaks a window to enter the home and doesn’t actually open a window or door.

Avoiding Windows Isn’t the Answer

Some homeowners might assume windows are a type of vulnerability and might pass up a gorgeous view to keep burglars from getting in the house. Alarm companies today can install an incredibly advanced system with features like glass break sensors that will alert someone immediately if a window is broken or a door is opened without the system being deactivated.

Benefits of Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors are simple to install and may be appropriate for families who live in apartments or condos. Although most modern security alarms don’t require a ton of wires, security devices that require almost no installation are a welcome advantage for apartment dwellers.

Glass break sensors are also particularly helpful in rooms where there are several windows. A line of windows that offers a great view shouldn’t have to be a security problem. Placing glass break sensors on those windows helps increase the safety of the room even though it might feel like a vulnerable spot in the house. Surveillance cameras, in addition to the glass break sensors, should create a very safe space. Give us a call if you’d like a free consultation 973.335.3931.

How Glass Break Sensors Work

A glass break sensor may be designed in one of two ways. One type of sensor is placed on the window, usually on the inside, and will detect when a window has been broken by the existence of shockwaves. These sensors will then route a signal to the security system to notify the security monitoring service of a breach.

Sensors may also be designed to listen for glass breaking. However, alarm companies in NJ don’t always install these sensors since they can be set off by other sounds. A glass breaking on a television show could trigger an alarm that wasn’t placed carefully, or that was particularly sensitive to noise. The type of home in which a family lives will usually dictate the type of glass break sensors that might work best.

Anyone who has an older alarm system in the home will want to inquire with alarm companies in NJ about the new devices on the market today that are easy to install and an inexpensive addition to a comprehensive security system. Glass break sensors are an exceptional feature of any security system.

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