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Whether you bicycle for fun or necessity, remember that a part of New Jersey security includes protecting your bicycle as well. As fall approaches, and the weather for taking a bike ride seems ideal, keep some theft protection tips in mind so you don’t fall victim to a crime.

#1: Locking your Bike
When it comes to a lock for your bicycle, think of it a preventative investment and don’t skimp. Purchase high-quality U-locks for the best security. If you use more than one lock, that’s even better. Do not simply attach the locks to the wheels; it’s easy for a thief to detach a wheel and walk away with your bicycle or throw your bike in the back of a pickup truck. Make sure the lock actually is attached to the frame and each wheel and to a stationary object.

#2: Parking your Bike
If you’re having trouble deciding between leaving your bike in a place with lots of traffic where it’s more likely to be noticed, or leaving it somewhere more secluded, look for a parking garage. They often have more security measure than the sidewalk but have less foot traffic, so you get the best of both worlds. If a parking garage is not doable, a bike rack is preferable– you may even find that many racks have the benefit of comprehensive security systems that include cameras and security alarms. If you do not have access to a rack, think about other locations. Some businesses will actually allow you to bring your bicycle into the lobby.

When storing your bicycle at home, it can be easy to become complacent; never leave your bike out in the open without a lock. The garage, shed, interior porch, or basement are excellent locations. If you should have a break-in, your security alarms ensure that your bike will be protected, along with your other belongings. If you are visiting friends or family, ask about bringing your bicycle up on the porch or in the garage.

#3: Register Your Bike
New Jersey security is important to local law enforcement- and that includes protecting your property from theft. Every year, bicycles end up in police custody without any indication of ownership. Many cities and universities in New Jersey have started to offer a way to register your bike online so that in the event of theft, it can be returned to its rightful owner. The company that makes your bicycle may also have a place for you to register, or you can register with the National Bike Registry.

#4: Removable Parts
Many bicycle owners overlook removable parts on their bikes that are easy prey for a thief. Your seat, bags, and wheels that release are popular targets. Be one step ahead of the game and take any detachable parts with you, stopping would-be burglars in their tracks.

#5: Make Your Bicycle Look Less Desirable
You may opt for making a new bike look old or covering up any signs of its value, like taking advantage of decals to cover your bike’s brand name. You can also paint it a really obnoxious color that will make thieves look elsewhere. There are even cases where bike owners have wrapped duct tape around the seat and other parts of the bike to make it look damaged even though it’s not.

If your bike is important to you, make sure you protect it the best you can. Take these five tips into account when going for your next bike ride.

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