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According to the National Fire Protection Association, (NFPA), an average of seven people die in home fires every day in the U.S. That is a scary statistic that is enough to give any homeowner reason to shudder a little. Older adults are the most likely to diein home fires. The leading cause of home fires in the United States is cooking equipment, which is an important fact to consider when planning home fire safety. Here are some more ways to protect your home from becoming a statistic in the next fire report from the NFPA.

Cook with Care

The NFPA statistics show that 44 percent of home fires are caused by cooking. The easiest way to prevent these fires is to never leave the stove unattended, or ask someone to keep an eye on it if you have to step out of the kitchen. If no one can help, you need to turn off the stove to prevent an accident from occurring while you are away. Always keep anything flammable like paper towels, oven mitts and the like away from the stove.

It is okay to leave the kitchen while you have something in the oven, but you still need to be sure to check it regularly. You should always remain in the home while they oven is on. Set a timer to remind you to check on the items in the oven.

If you do have a kitchen fire, then use the A-B-C extinguisher that you have in the kitchen to put it out. Never put water on a fire on the stove. It could make the flames burst if it hits burning oil. If you cannot put the fire out immediately with an extinguisher, get out of the house. Call 911 immediately from a neighbor’s house or a cell phone.

Have a Fire Plan

If you have a fire in the house, it is important that every family member knows what the fire emergency plan is in your house. Everyone should know atleast two escape routes from every room in the house. They should also know where the family should meet outside the home.

Fire alarm systems are necessary. Fire alarm systems should include at least one smoke alarm installed on every floor of the house. Every bedroom should have its own smoke alarm. Check the smoke alarms’ batteries monthly to make sure that they are working. It is also a great idea to install sprinklers in your home. Only six percent of homes that had fires in the NFPA report had sprinklers. However, the death rate was 83 percent lower when sprinklers were present in the home.

Fire alarm systems that alert security companies in NJ are a good idea. This will ensure that the security companies in NJ can get help to you as soon as possible. Every second matters when it comes to fire.

Avoid Accidents

Always be safe with elements that are known to cause accidental fires in the home. This includes things like space heaters, candles and electric cords. Always use these things safely. Never leave an open flame unattended in your house, under any circumstance.

Spend a Little Time

If you spend a little time on fire safety in your home, it may save a life one day. It is never a waste of time preparing for a fire. The prevention methods you install may never need to be used, but the confidence the preparation brings is priceless.

AC Daughtry is a top security company in NJ, and is dedicated to educating residents about safety in our community.

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