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Protecting your family and your New Jersey home should not simply be an afterthought or just a means to save a few bucks on your homeowners insurance. Home security in NJ should be comprehensive by taking into account all of the potential risks, particularly those that are unique to your situation. A basic burglar alarm is not good enough anymore, and due to increased technology and falling security rates, there is no reason why your family has to settle for anything less than the absolute best.

Modern Security

The modern home security solution is a network of connected devices that connect to each other, a 24/7 monitoring station and the Internet by way of the home network. Such systems also include redundancies to avoid critical failures and are able to self-diagnose in order to identify problems before they cause diminished performance or failure. The basic aspect of any home security system is a burglar alarm and smoke alarm, but modern systems can also include intercom, CO detection, thermostat control, lightning control, Web-accessible surveillance cameras and more.

Honeywell Total Connect

The ideal example of such a modern solution is Total Connect by Honeywell. Total Connect is an integrated, interactive system that protects all aspects of your home and family. Total Connect can even allow working parents to monitor their children after they get home from school. The system also includes Internet security and can actually help parents protect their children from inappropriate content and predators. The system is always online, redundant and serviced regularly, and it notifies the central station whenever a problem looms.

Remote Access and Control

The most powerful feature of Total Connect is the ability to access it and manipulate it remotely. The homeowner can access the system via a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer, and its interactive aspects means that the system actually pushes notifications to you via email or text message. This remote system allows for an unparalleled level of home security in NJ because the user can lock/unlock doors, turn off/on lights and adjust the thermostat from the road or while at work.

Energy Management in NJ

Perhaps one of the most overlooked benefits of the automation capabilities and the remote access is the ability to conserve energy and reduce utility costs in the process. As energy costs continue to rise, proper energy management in NJ is crucial. Imagine a system that emails you to alert you that you’ve left the lights on and ask if you’d like it to disable them. Many NJ homeowners with Total Connect experience utility costs reductions as high as five percent.

A.C. Daughtry

A.C. Daughtry, Inc. is the leading provider of home security in New Jersey. It is also an authorized Honeywell dealer and the leading installer of the Total Connect system in the Garden State. A.C. Daughtry provides both residential and commercial services, and it specializes in customized systems that are affordable to the average homeowner and small business. Since 1983, A.C. Daughtry has put workmanship and a dedication to its clients above all else.

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