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Some homeowners feel like they do not need to go to the trouble of installing monitored security alarm systems in their homes. This is a mistake that can lead to unfortunate consequences. Home security systems installed by reliable New Jersey security companies offer many benefits and added protection. If you’re considering a monitored system, the following benefits may help you with your decision.


Rapid Response from Law Enforcement

One of the greatest benefits homeowners receive from a monitored system is the rapid response time it ensures – no matter the emergency. A monitored system is watched 24 hours a day by the home security company, which will contact the authorities as soon as an alarm is triggered—whether it’s a burglar alarm, a fire alarm, or a CO2 alarm. This rapid response time keeps homeowners and their families safer. It also increases the chances that thieves will be caught when they break into a home.

Fire Protection Even When the System is Off

One of the most important reasons to get a home security system installed is to protect your home from fire. When you are not home and the home security system is not on, it is worthless if it is not a monitored home security system. Security systems that are not monitored will not inform anyone if a fire breaks out when they are off.

On the other hand, monitored home security systems will always protect a home in case of fire. Even if alarm systems are not activated, they will still inform the security companies if a fire breaks out. New Jersey security companies will then be able to instantly notify the fire department, which will ensure that firefighters can arrive on the scene quickly to battle the blaze.

Insurance Savings

Most insurance companies will offer huge savings on their clients’ home insurance rates when they have installed a monitored home security system, helping to offset much of the cost. This is because installing one of these systems drastically lowers the danger of the home suffering a burglary or fire damage. When the home is monitored by a security company at all times, it gives both the homeowner and the insurance company greater peace of mind.

Monitored systems also offer the opportunity for deeper safety measures. For example, many monitored security systems are paired with a panic button. This way, when homeowners feel threatened by danger, they can push this button that will instantly alert the home security company of the situation. The home security company will then alert local law enforcement, ensuring that help is dispatched immediately. This allows homeowners to summon help in a dangerous situation even if they are unable or it is unsafe to reach a phone.

Protect Your Home

As you can see, there are many benefits that a monitored security system offers homeowners. You owe it to your family to keep them as safe as possible. Make sure to consult with a home security specialist to further discuss installing monitored security alarm systems for homes.

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