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The art of bringing a product to the masses and making a profit is something that many business owners must perfect over several years. This process takes a lot of time, and it’s not uncommon for companies to forget about issues like security because all funds are put toward research, development and production. However, protecting those assets is essential in a world where security threats impact companies from many different angles.

Some of the most common security issues companies contend with today include data breaches, general theft, employee theft and vandalism. Each of these problems requires attention and needs to be considered in a comprehensive security plan. A company needs a strong cyber protection system, and it’s also essential to consider the physical security of the company.

Dealing with Cyber Crime

Thieves today have an extraordinary number of options for hacking into important digital files. The loss of sensitive company data or sales information represents a significant danger for any company that uses computers. Since nearly all companies use computers, whether they have thousands of employees or just a few, engaging in active prevention against hackers is essential.

For companies that have more than 10 employees and must employ a central server for security, it may be a good idea to restrict access to this server to people who are on site. If a server isn’t available to remote users, a hacker would need to break into the facility to get the information. For particularly sensitive data, a company might want to think about installing access control security systems to restrict access to the terminals.

Handling Physical Theft

No matter the reputation of an area where a business is located, it’s important to consider the physical security installed. All businesses need to have a system of surveillance cameras to record the activities of everyone entering and leaving the facility. Not only do retail buildings benefit from visual surveillance, but office buildings, production facilities and manufacturing centers also benefit from video technology.

Today’s alarm companies in NJ can install a series of wireless cameras along the most sensitive points of the building, which may provide essential support to the on-site security team as well as suspicious activity. Keeping recordings from the surveillance cameras is easy with digital technology. The storage space necessary to keep many days of footage takes up much less room than the old-style VHS tapes that might have been used by the average business a few decades ago.

Reducing Employee Theft

Companies are extremely vulnerable to employee theft. Most companies must keep track of their employees closely through access control security systems and surveillance technology. Although some businesses might try to stick to hiring honest employees, sometimes a bad apple gets through the interview process. Strong and comprehensive security features that protect the company from outside theft as well as internal crime help reduce the possibility of financial loss.

A business doesn’t need be run like a police station, but it’s important to make sure the security system in place is designed to keep everyone safe, whether they work for the company or not. Unfortunately, today’s businesses must assume that every employee has the potential to steal, even if they seem honest and have worked at the company for decades.

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