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A full-service security monitoring company in Montville, NJ, A.C. Daughtry is committed to helping you and your family be as safe as possible once this new school year starts. Our New Jersey security team has compiled a list of concerns that parents and children should be made aware of when school starts.

Teach your children all of the pertinent information an authority figure will need to contact you or a family member in the case of an emergency. Help your child memorize your phone numbers, your address and your real name. Your children should also know alternative phone numbers to call if you cannot be reached, and it is imperative that children know their birthday and the city and state that they are from. All of this information will help you get back in touch with your child as soon as possible if something does happen.

Our Honeywell NJ experts believe it’s important to make sure your children know exactly who will be picking them up from school and how they will get home. This information must be reviewed daily, and all changes regarding your child’s activities to and from school should be reviewed with the school. If your child is coming home to an empty house, you should make certain that your child calls, texts, or emails you as soon as he or she gets home.

Our New Jersey security team also believes you should teach children the proper way to cross streets, even with crossing guards present. You should go over all of the proper ways to cross, which side of the street to walk on and what to do if there is an emergency while walking home. Bus riders must also be taught the proper way to cross the street safely.

The safety of our community greatly depends upon the understanding adults and children have for the law. It is important to teach your children about the dangers of strangers, especially younger children. Teach them who it is safe to talk to and who they should avoid. Children must learn the difference between talking to the right strangers like police officers and the wrong strangers that could be dangerous.

You should also teach your child what to do when he or she gets home from school. If you have children that will be alone for any time at all, teach them to get into the home and lock the door immediately. Next, they should contact you to let you know they are home. Once inside, children should keep a low profile and avoid answering the phone or door.

A.C. Daughtry, a provider of Honeywell in NJ is here to help when you’re ready to install a state-of-the-art security system in your home. Remember that the neighborhoods will be flooded with more people in just a few weeks, and this creates a more threatening environment for schools, children and neighborhoods. This added security helps provide peace of mind when your child is home alone after school.

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