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Today’s security systems come equipped with many features and offer different options related to function, capability and scope. One of the significant factors that will impact the purchase and installation of a security system is the type of access control. A system may either feature wireless access control, or it may feature gate access control. Choosing the right type of access system will depend on the type of facility and the individuals who will need access to the premises on a regular basis.

Basic and Advanced Systems

Basic security systems have been around for decades, and some of these systems are quite simple in their approach. A simple swipe of a key card or a code punched on a keypad might be all someone needs to enter to gain access. Other systems are much more advanced and utilize biometrics to allow access.

The field of biometrics as it applies to security remains a part of the industry that is rapidly changing. It won’t be long until regular businesses and even residential homes may use biometric technology like optical scans or fingerprint identification. However, it’s essential to consider that locking a residence (or business) up like Fort Knox isn’t necessarily something that every structure wants or needs.

Installing Gate Access Control

A simple gate access system, such as one with a keypad and an access code is a popular and simple option for a company that needs security that is simple and intuitive. A keypad may be programmed with different codes for each employee (much like a log-in system for a computer). Alternatively, a business might install a card reader that will allow employees to each carry a programmable access card.

These systems are simple to use and are quickly installed. In addition, it’s easy to change the code for access so reinforcing the safety and security of the business and its employees takes very little time. A company may also choose to install a multi-tiered access panel that requires the swipe of an employee’s access card and a separate code entered into the system.

Wireless Access Control

For several decades, the industry standard regarding access and security has been one of physical access control. Recent expansion of wireless technology, broadband access and internet-based security programs has allowed for the development of more advanced systems that may be managed on-or off-site. For outsourced options, a company may be able to allow a third party to handle alarm monitoring and maintenance of the system and its hardware. An outsourced system is often the best choice for a company that has a small budget.

Alternatively, a company may work with a security company, to design a system from the “ground up,” which would offer a company’s security team complete access to the security hardware and its programming. Clearly, this option would represent a higher cost; however, some companies might feel that full control would be the best use of the security budget due to concerns such as proprietary software and the need for exceptional security.

A business should approach the decision regarding access control from the point of view of which type of security would uniquely suit the company and its property best. If a company needs to track the entry and exit of its employees, an advanced system might be the way to go. If a company only requires minimal access control measures, a simple installation would suffice.

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