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Summer is a time for outdoor fun and grilling in the yard. However, it is also a time when a lot of grill fires can quickly get out of control if one is not careful. Here are 10 tips to help you have a safe summer serving up their favorite meals:

1. Make sure the grill is far enough away from the house in case a fire does get out of control. Over half of all structure fires caused by outdoor grilling caught on because the grill was located on a porch, balcony, patio, courtyard or other closed-in space. Placing the grill in a safe location will prevent several thousand house fires every year.

2. Install a fire alarm security system like the Honeywell monitoring system that can alert the fire department when a fire does happen. Seconds count when a fire gets out of hand and can mean the difference between saving a home and watching it burn. One can contact New Jersey security companies to find out more about these systems.

3. Remember, charcoal and propane grills are meant to be used outside of the home. Six percent of house fires started by using a grill occurred when the grill was placed in the kitchen.

4. Avoid having children and pets around who can disturb the fire and knock over the grill; never leave the grill alone.

5. Grease will build up over time in the catch pan and around the cooking grid; take the time to thoroughly clean after each use to remove any particles or animal fats that can ignite when it gets hot.

6. Before using a propane grill, check to make sure the gas hose connections and the hoses are in good shape. The hoses can deteriorate over time and develop cracks and leaks that can allow the gas to escape and catch fire when it reaches the flames on the grill.

7. Inspect the propane tank closely. Shut-off valves can malfunction and allow the propane to continuously leak out. This is an unsafe condition that might need to be handled by the fire department.

8. The smell of gas leaking while cooking is a potentially dangerous situation that could cause bodily harm along with structure damage. Remove everyone a safe distance away, in case of an explosion, and activate the Honeywell monitoring system to get the fire department there as fast as possible.

9. When lighting the grill, or if the flames go out while cooking, make sure the propane gas does not build up before trying to relight the fire. Built-up gas could cause the flames to flash outward and harm those nearby.

10. On charcoal fires never use regular gas in place of starter fluid to get the fire going. Starter fluid should only be used to start the initial fire and is not meant to be used once the fire is going.

Almost everyone can have a safe summer if they follow certain precautions when using grills. A.C. Daughtry and other New Jersey security companies hope everyone has all the fun and enjoyment possible with their family and friends while enjoying a barbecue in their backyard. However, these companies can help keep everyone safe by providing equipment needed to get help right away in case of an emergency.​

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