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New Total Connect Video Services


A.C. Daughtry is proud to offer Honeywell Total Connect®, a remote video monitoring system that gives you 100% control of your NJ home security system. Total Connect is the premiere security product for today’s busy homeowners.

How does Total Connect work? We begin by directly linking to your PC, Internet-capable mobile phone, or other digital device to our alarm service. Using a log-in code to access their accounts, owners can view a screen that displays the areas of their homes featuring the Total Connect cameras. This means that with a few punches on your phone or clicks on your laptop, you can have an immediate window into your home at any time.

In addition, Total Connect can make you immediately aware of any alarm activations. Simply program your device to notify you of events as they happen; or program it to check in on designated areas at times that you determine. There is no easier way to keep tabs on your home from a distance than remote home video monitoring.


Total Connect IPhone App


From your mobile device, and with cameras in place, or intrusion points and environmental monitoring enabled, Total Connect enables you to view or control your:

  • Alarm System...Control and Protect
  • Arm/Disarm, View History, Add/Delete Codes.
  • Remote Cameras…View, Record, and Monitor
  • Living Area, Nursery, “Nanny Cam”, “Latch-Key” Children, Dependent Parents.
  • Vacation Homes, Pets, Cars, Boats, Liquor Cabinets, Safes and Gun-Safes.
  • Environmental and “Green” Systems...Control and Save
  • Thermostat Control and Heating and Cooling…Set-Back and Save!
  • Turn on and Off Lights Based on Arm/Disarm/Occupancy.

For more information on Total Connect, contact A.C. Daughtry to request a free security consultation. We look forward to showing you what this breakthrough security product can do for you.

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