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Vehicle Tracking & Location Monitoring

Use Geofencing to Keep Drivers Safe

You may be familiar with the technology that’s available to secure your home and your family when they’re inside—but what about protecting your loved ones when they leave the house? You might be concerned about new drivers or elderly relatives venturing too far, getting lost or traveling to areas where they shouldn’t be.

With vehicle tracking and location monitoring, you can keep tabs on drivers so that you feel more confident about their safety.

Tracking devices allow you to establish geofencing—customized barriers on a map—so that you receive alerts when a vehicle nears or crosses the boundary that you’ve established. These tracking devices can be tied to your security system, which sends alerts to your computer or mobile device when they are activated. You also can view the vehicle’s current location using the online application.

This technology helps you know that your loved ones are safe, so you don’t need to worry about their whereabouts.

Track Drivers With Honeywell Total Connect®

A.C. Daughtry is proud to offer Honeywell Total Connect®, a remote service that allows you to receive notifications when your vehicle tracking technology is activated. With Total Connect®, you can use your computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access to get alerts.

New Jersey Vehicle Tracking & Location Monitoring

A.C. Daughtry provides the technology that integrates with your Honeywell Total Connect® remote services, allowing you to keep track of your loved ones when they’re behind the wheel. Our professionals will give you remote access to your vehicle tracking through Honeywell Total Connect®, along with your other home security or automation needs.

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