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Smart Locks

Control Access to Your Home

Traditional door locks that require a physical key present all sorts of logistical issues: juggling your belongings to fumble for your keys to lock or unlock the door, worrying about whether your child will misplace his or her house key, giving temporary access to a friend or contractor. The threat that your key will be lost, stolen or copied is real.

Installing a smart lock resolves these issues by using your smartphone to operate the lock, or grant access to others.

Honeywell Total Connect® or remote services enable your smartphone to work like a remote control. Unlock the door for a visitor, even when you’re not at home, or for yourself when you get home and have your hands full.

Operate Door Locks Remotely With Honeywell Total Connect® or

A.C. Daughtry is proud to offer Honeywell Total Connect® or remote services, which give you control of your smart locks and other features through your home security system. It allows you to use your computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access to manage and monitor your smart locks.

New Jersey Smart Locks

Smart locks are a home automation solution that offer an added level of convenience for you and your family. A.C. Daughtry can install this technology, and set up remote access through Honeywell Total Connect® or, along with your other home security or automation needs.

If you live in New Jersey, New York City or southern New York State, A.C. Daughtry is your wise choice for smart locks and other home automation options. Call us to request an appointment for a free consultation, when we will demonstrate products and answer your questions, or contact us online.