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Monitored Smoke Detectors Can Save Lives

Smoke detectors are mandatory by law in most states, at least for new construction homes. At a minimum, quality smoke detectors should be installed in bedrooms, outside each sleeping area, and on each additional occupied story in your home. They are excellent life safety tools; however, they don’t necessarily address all your fire safety needs.

For that reason, A.C. Daughtry can add a thorough layer of fire protection to your home’s current life safety system. We can install new smoke detectors that can be monitored 24 hours a day, in the event that a fire occurs.

When monitored smoke detectors sense a fire developing, they activate local sirens and a fire alarm signal is sent to our remote central station, where an agent notifies your local fire department immediately. What’s the specific advantage? It’s that all of this takes place automatically, without the need for you to call 911. That’s not just convenient; that’s potentially life-saving.

Our fire protection systems and life safety products offer your home a solid shield from fire danger.

Features of Monitored Smoke Detectors

Installing sophisticated smoke and heat detectors in your home adds layers of protection for your family. When they’re part of a system with a monitored control panel, your smoke detectors can ensure that you’re not the only person notified. In fact, these monitored systems can notify the fire department and inform them about the threat of a fire, even when no one is home to hear the alarm. A.C. Daughtry’s fire alarm systems report which smoke detector went off and where it is, making the fire department’s efforts more targeted, efficient and effective. That means a better chance more of your belongings and your house will be salvageable. Plus, the control panel installed as part of your fire alarm system enables you or your loved ones to press a button to call for help even if a smoke detector has not been triggered.

No phone line, no problem. Our systems can use radio-based technology so you do not need a home telephone line to enjoy the protection of 24-hour monitoring for your alarm system. When an alarm is activated, our central station receives a signal, and our agents respond.

Learn about our fire monitoring services for uninterrupted, 24-hour protection.

New Jersey Fire Alarm Systems

Protect your family, your pets and your home with a fire alarm system that ensures that the fire department is notified when smoke or flames threaten your safety. If you live in New Jersey or southern New York State, you can rely on A.C. Daughtry for monitored fire alarms to safeguard your loved ones. Call us to request an appointment for a free consultation or contact us online.