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Environmental Detection Systems

Protect Against Carbon Monoxide, Gas Leaks and Water

Comprehensive home security requires protection against more than intruders. Other serious dangers that can put your family at risk include carbon monoxide fumes, gas leaks, and water leaks or flooding. Fortunately, monitors are available that alert your family at the first sign of these environmental risks.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Since people cannot see, smell or taste poisonous carbon monoxide fumes, a carbon monoxide alarm that can detect unsafe levels should be installed in the hallway near every sleeping area of your home. When your carbon monoxide alarm is activated, an A.C. Daughtry agent notifies local emergency responders, and then calls the people on your emergency contact list to inform them of the potentially dangerous situation in your home.

Gas Leak Detectors

Natural gas spreads quickly and is highly combustible. That’s why it is important to add natural gas detection in your home, to alert your family and emergency responders when gas fumes are present and to avoid a life-threatening fire or explosion when you are home or away. When your natural gas detector is connected to a security system control panel that is monitored, you can rest assured that emergency responders and you will be notified.

Flood Monitoring Systems

A flood monitoring system inside your home uses sensors to detect the presence of water, alerting you before it soaks and spreads in your walls, floors or ceiling—requiring extensive, expensive repairs. If a leak or flood triggers your water detection system that is connected to a security system control panel, our state-of-the-art central station gets notified, so that an A.C. Daughtry agent can notify you and the people on your emergency contact list.

New Jersey Environmental Detection Systems

Ensure comprehensive security in your home by consulting with our security professionals about the alarms you need and the best locations to place them for effective results. A.C. Daughtry can be your one-stop resource to help protect your family from environmental risks and intruders, alike.

A.C. Daughtry’s 24-hour monitoring service is a potentially life-saving service that provides invaluable around the clock protection.

A.C. Daughtry also offers interactive services with the leading providers like Honeywell Total Connect® or These are remote monitoring systems that give you full control of your home security system. We connect your computer, smartphone or tablet with Internet access to our alarm service. This way, you can receive notifications if any of your environmental detection alarms is activated.

Environmental detectors that A.C. Daughtry installs are covered by a 12-month warranty on material and workmanship, and affordable service plans are available to ensure their quality and reliability for years thereafter. Experienced technicians always are on call to respond to your service needs.

To protect your family and your pets in New Jersey, New York City or southern New York State, you can consult A.C. Daughtry for the environmental detection systems you need to monitor your home for these risks. Call us to request an appointment for a free consultation or contact us online.