For large, multi-structure commercial properties, gated entry can be the most effective way to regulate access so you can keep occupants safe, and property untouched. To accommodate your unique security needs as a large commercial complex, A.C. Daughtry can integrate our access control and CCTV systems with a variety of gated entry solutions, including:

  • Barrier arm gates
  • Slide security gates
  • Swing security gates

Working either with your contractor, or one of our trusted partners, A.C. Daughtry can integrate state of the art access and CCTV applications with any gated entry system you may have at your facility. When you combine gated entry systems with our alarm systems, video surveillance and access control systems, the security shield around your site can be virtually impenetrable.

To learn more about gated entry solutions for your commercial or industrial property, contact A.C. Daughtry to inquire about a free security consultation.

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New Jersey Home & Business Security Systems

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A.C. Daughtry provides security systems that integrate seamlessly into your home and/or company's day-to-day business. Our systems provide peace of mind and are as easy to operate as a touchtone telephone. Each system has many built-in features which meet even your most complex security needs. We service the residents and businesses of the state of New Jersey with home security and business security systems.