Smart Commercial Locks

State-of-the-Art Access Control for Businesses

Traditional, keyed door locks are often impractical—especially for mid-sized businesses and large commercial enterprises. This type of entry makes it logistically difficult as new employees come aboard, contractors require entry, or someone gets locked out during work hours. In addition, the threat that facility keys will be lost, stolen or copied is very real.

At A.C. Daughtry, we install and monitor smart locks to resolve these logistical issues. Interior and exterior locks can be controlled by a smartphone or tablet, and it’s easy to grant access to personnel or contractors when you are not available to let them in.

Benefits of Smart Lock Systems

With systems like Honeywell Total Connect®, your mobile device becomes a remote control for your facility by allowing you to:

  • Unlock an exterior door from the comfort of your office
  • Provide instant access for disabled patrons
  • Grant controlled access and provide temporary codes to contractors or guests
  • Add or delete user codes
  • Track entry and exit times
  • Integrate smart locks with smart thermostats, smart lights or a whole-facility security system

Operate Door Locks Remotely With a Honeywell Total Connect® Smart System

A.C. Daughtry is proud to be an authorized dealer and installer of Honeywell Total Connect® and remote services. Commercial-grade remote systems provide business owners and facility managers with total control over smart locks and other security system features through the use of a smartphone, tablet or computer with Internet access.

New Jersey Smart Locks for Commercial Properties

Smart locks are a business automation solution offering an added layer of convenience and security. When you are ready to adopt this technology, A.C. Daughtry’s experienced team will install smart locks, set up remote access through Honeywell Total Connect® or, and provide ongoing service or maintenance for your system.

Businesses in New Jersey, New York City or southern New York State rely on A.C. Daughtry for high-tech solutions to everyday security concerns. Call us to request an appointment for a free security evaluation or to request a product or service demonstration. For your convenience, you can also reach an A.C. Daughtry representative online.