Commercial Asset Protection

Track, Trace and Recover Your Valuables

A.C. Daughtry is a proven solution for the advanced security requirements of New Jersey and New York business owners. Specializing in property, personnel and asset protection, we offer real-time GPS tracking solutions that lower theft rates and keep track of stored equipment.

Smart asset protection gives facility managers the ability to deploy and monitor machinery, fleet vehicles, and other valuables crucial to the operation of your business. Quickly log in to your computer, smartphone or tablet to locate equipment 24/7—whether you are next door or across the globe.

Benefits of Asset Tracking by A.C. Daughtry

Asset tracking does not just protect your goods. It also allows you to deploy equipment where it is most profitable, as well as:

  • Reducing the incidence of assets that are lost or left behind
  • Tracking unauthorized use of equipment or vehicles
  • Accessing reports detailing asset use and location
  • Deploying maintenance teams to appropriate locations
  • Documenting an assets whereabouts for insurance claims
  • Improving inventory management

Asset protection is used in a range of industries, from hospitals and medical facilities to art galleries and retailers. Even small-sized assets like jewelry and small medical devices can be equipped with micro-GPS tracking technology.

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