Commercial Intercom Systems

Protecting Your Entrances with a Comprehensive Security System

When upgrading their security systems, business owners often overlook the importance of intercom systems and devote their attention to CCTV cameras and other video-based monitoring devices. An intercom system, however, can play a vital role in keeping your property and employees safe by securing all entrances to your facility.

How Do Intercom Systems Work?

Types of intercom systems vary, but the basic components are a master station and a substation or door station. The master station is placed at the reception desk or in a manager’s office and is designed to transmit and receive audio communication from any of the substations. The substations, which are both weatherproof and vandal-proof, are placed at entrance points and contain call buttons that communicate with the master system.

Choosing the Right Intercom System for Your Needs

A.C. Daughtry’s commercial security specialists have the training necessary to help you select the perfect intercom system for your needs. With the assistance of our local security experts, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have complete control over your business at all times—before, during or after hours.

A basic intercom system uses audio only, but more sophisticated models include video capabilities. Intercoms with video are particularly useful in preventing piggybacking, which occurs when an unauthorized person sneaks into the property behind someone who has been granted access.

Providing 24/7 Peace of Mind

With a properly installed intercom system, you can prevent thieves and intruders from freely entering your facility during business hours. Since 1983, A.C. Daughtry has helped business owners in New Jersey, New York City and southern New York State create comprehensive commercial security plans tailored to their unique security risks.

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