Commercial Environmental Detection Systems

Prepare Your Facility for the Unexpected

It’s a common mistake to focus your business security plan exclusively on preventing theft, vandalism and unauthorized intruders. However—environmental threats can pose just as much, if not more, of a facility risk.

What Is an Environmental Detection System?

Environmental detection systems are designed to protect you from damage caused by Mother Nature. These security systems monitor environmental threats such as smoke, heat, flooding, freezing pipes or sump pump overflow. Systems can also detect the presence of dangerous levels of natural gas or carbon monoxide.

When your system detects specific environmental threats, alerts are sent to our central monitoring station and forwarded to appropriate personnel. Taking prompt action helps prevent property damage that could result in costly downtime for your business. In some cases, your environmental detection system could also prevent injuries to personnel, customers and guests.

Even if you believe your business is located in a safe neighborhood, you still need to invest in an environmental detection system to protect your assets. No one is immune to the dangers associated with environmental threats.

Putting Safety First

Since 1983, business owners have been relying on A.C. Daughtry to keep their facilities safe and sound, 24/7. Our team of commercial security specialists has the training necessary to help you find the best way to manage environmental threats to your facility—and we offer state-of-the-art monitoring for your peace of mind.

Our environmental detection systems are fully compatible with existing commercial security systems, and they are easy to use. Since floods, gas leaks and other environmental concerns can happen any time of day, our experienced technicians are always are on call to respond to your service needs.

Complete Protection for Your Business

Need complete protection for your business? An environmental detection system is a must. A.C. Daughtry brings over 30 years of experience to the commercial security industry, and is proud to protect clients in New Jersey, NYC and southern New York State.

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