Commercial Security System Services

Protection for Every Inch of Your Commercial Facility

Vigilant about defending your business against threats of intrusion, fire and smoke, gas leaks, or flooding, A.C. Daughtry installs and services security components tailored to your facility and budget requirements. With over 30 years protecting commercial and residential properties in New Jersey, New York and southern New York State, we specialize in perimeter and interior alarm systems, environmental risk detection, video surveillance, access control and more.

A.C. Daughtry provides commercial security consultations, system installation and repairs for a range of industry-leading equipment manufacturers. With flexible options that enhance safety and lend peace of mind, our installed systems also support interactive services with the leading providers like Honeywell Total Connect® or — which are remote systems that give you complete control of your security system and compatible automation devices.

Fire Alarm Systems

By law, business owners are required to have monitored smoke and heat detectors in their facility. A.C. Daughtry fire alarm systems not only add a layer of protection to your business, but they make the fire department’s efforts more targeted and effective when an emergency arises. Learn more >>

Commercial Fire Alarm Inspections

To ensure your fire alert system protects personnel and assets when it matters most, schedule routine inspections and equipment maintenance. A.C. Daughtry thoroughly evaluates and tests commercial fire alarms, sprinkler systems and monitored connections for proper performance. Learn more >>

Commercial Security Systems

Our high-caliber commercial security systems are designed to work seamlessly with 24-hour remote monitoring equipment. And, with A.C. Daughtry’s custom commercial security service plans, you can trust that your system is covered long after the A.C. Daughtry 12-month warranty has expired. Learn more >>

Video Surveillance and CCTV Systems

Our product portfolio contains video surveillance and closed circuit television solutions that serve as a deterrent for intruders while providing the video evidence you need to protect your business. And, with real-time monitoring services, our experienced agents keep a trained eye on your facility—24/7. Learn more >>

Access Control Systems

A.C. Daughtry specializes in access control systems for commercial, retail and industrial environments. Screen guests, verify employees or use advanced biometrics to track and manage facility access. Learn more >>

Intercom Systems

A.C. Daughtry installs, maintains and monitors commercial audio and video intercoms for entry security, internal access and paging notifications. Ask our technicians about live video feeds and remote automation controls. Learn more >>

Environmental Detection Systems

Our high-caliber alarm systems warn business owners and facility managers at the first sign of flooding, smoke or carbon monoxide fumes. Protect your employees and assets from potentially life-threatening risks while reducing the chance of costly facility damage. Learn more >>